Fall 2022 Preview: New Colors From Next Level Apparel

Article from ASI By ASI Creative Labs

Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) is expanding the color offerings of some of their top-selling styles for Fall 2022. The NLA product development team is very methodical about making core color palette decisions, knowing that having the best color offerings for printers and decorators is key to the success of each style. That means that when these new colors “made the cut” with the NLA product & design team, you know they are destined to be top sellers and great additions to your current NLA assortment.

Unisex Cotton Crew T-Shirt (3600) New Fall Color
Unisex Cotton Crew T-Shirt

  • Oxblood, which is a rich saturated hue. This is NLA’s darkest red with similarities to Cardinal Black, but with a more dominant red tone. This shade is forecasted to be a new top seller for Fall 2022.

Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt (6010) New Fall Colors
Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt

  • Legion Blue has a relation to cross-dyes in NLA’s color assortment, offering a mix of Black and Cool Blue.
  • Solid Red is a staple, vibrant, true red and must-have primary color.

Unisex Malibu Hoodie (9302) New Fall Color
Unisex Malibu Hoodie

  • Heather Forest Green is a rich, saturated, multi-dimensional heather and very flattering on all skin types and undertones. That’s why it’s quickly becoming a favorite staple and gaining popularity for Fall 2022 and beyond.

Unisex Santa Cruz Hoodie (9303) New Fall Colors
Unisex Santa Cruz Hoodie

  • Antique Denim is a muted version of NLA’s Midnight Navy with a dose of gray-washed teal tones. This shade sits well as a cool neutral complement to many warm and cool colors.
  • Galaxy Purple is a gorgeous, deeply saturated periwinkle. Think: an amped-up version of Peri. This is NLA’s darkest fashion purple that sits next to your traditional purples.
  • Oxblood is a rich and saturated, yet muted hue in the red family with similarities to Cardinal Black, but without the black heathering.
  • Shiitake is a beautiful warm gray mushroom color with a hint of lavender notes. 

Bonus New Additions: Along with these new colors, due to its high sales performance, NLA is extending sizes for the Unisex Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt (3601) to include XS and 3XL.