Apparel Trends

By SanMar

By SanMar

December 21, 2022

Each season we embark on an epic journey to discover what’s new. What’s new in our world, what’s new in our work, what’s new in our closet? They’re all related. These last few months that journey has been all about finding balance. As 2022 comes to a close, however, we’re starting to see things a little differently.

The last couple years have sometimes felt like being stuck in an endless time loop, but for many it has resulted in a change in perspective and a reimagining of what is important in life. With that in mind, here’s a preview of the trends we’ll be talking about in 2023.

A Change in Perspective

As our lives shift, the way we look at familiar favorites is renewed too. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing the return of preppy style. Once the traditional dress code for older generations, the prep aesthetic is now being adopted by Millennials and Gen Z and finding new life in their Instagram and TikTok feeds.

I’m calling this trend the Club House, and this is where we’ll explore what’s bringing the preppy look back, what it looks like this time around and how “tailored” looks are being re-interpreted for the post-pandemic customer. Just be sure to bring your Brooks Brothers along – we’ve got you covered if you need more.

We’ll also revisit how gearing up for an increasingly active life looks in 2023. We recently talked about how athleisure has evolved into workleisure, and this is a trend which continues to develop. Customers are still relying on comfort-driven products and as hybridized work and lifestyles become the norm, so the blending of apparel does too.

We’re calling this trend The Modernist. Those who live this life are wearing what we might call luxury activewear – elevated essentials that perform for their morning bike ride and still feel soft and comfortable when they sit down at work. Where that workspace might be is anybody’s guess.

A Life Reimagined

Before the pandemic, grind culture told us that the only way to succeed was to never stop pushing. So, it’s with more than a little relief that I can tell you that slowing down – being intentional about relaxing – is now more than a trend. It’s a movement. If you don’t believe me, you should get to know Tricia Hersey, the nap bishop, preaching the gospel that taking the time you need to rest can be an act of resistance in a grind-focused world.

When I say that Breathe Easy is another powerful theme in the new year, I mean anything and everything that enables our bodies and minds to rest, care and repair. This includes activities like fishing and whittling as well as simply slowing down to skip a few stones or take in the forest around us. Outdoor-focused jackets, shirts and hats will feature heavily in our downtime-focused adventures.

Along similar lines, our sense of community and connection has suffered over the last few years. Every event that allows us to get together like we used to suddenly feels like a big deal. Just as we need to be intentional about rest, now we also need to make the effort to see and connect with the people we care about.

This means that 2023 is time for some Play Dates – as many as we can get. Whether it’s reconnecting with people at work through in-person events or deepening a connection with your team with a play-focused outing, these occasions will be more frequent and more meaningful in the coming year. Activity-based items like crossbody bags and backpacks, polos, hoodies and even leggings all come into play for a memorable play date.

We’ll explore each of these trends more deeply in the year to come. But for now, the holidays are approaching fast and there’s no reason you can’t start living some of them right now. My wish for you, as we wrap up 2022 and get ready for 2023, is that you make some time to breathe easy and have plenty of play dates. I’ll see you in the new year!