Summer Promotion

Summer Promotional Ideas for Customers and Employees

Picture of dog with sunglasses on beach chair
Dog with Sunglasses

As the mercury rises, so do the opportunities to make a lasting impact with our distinctive, summer-themed promotional items that exude both style and practicality. Pack your bags, coolers, and totes for the endless possibilities to elevate your brand while your customers and employees are basking in the joy of summertime.

Whether your recipients are soaking up the sun on the golden sands of the beach, teeing off on the sprawling greens of a golf course, indulging in the tranquility of a backyard retreat, exploring the untamed beauty of nature, or embarking on a thrilling road trip, our thoughtfully curated summer merchandise ensures your brand is always in sight and mind.

Let us serve as the trusted vehicle for your brand to travel with your customers and employees wherever they go, reinforcing your image and message in their summer adventures. This not only positions your brand uniquely, but it also speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness and dedication to the satisfaction of your stakeholders. In essence, summer is a great time for your brand to shine, and we’re here to make that happen with summer promotional products and gifts.

Ideas For Summer Corporate Events

Outdoor Tent, table flag banner and cooler

Outdoor company events provide an incredible platform for team building, camaraderie, and appreciation of hard work in a refreshing and relaxed setting.

To create a branded, cohesive look and feel, consider incorporating custom signage – like branded tents, tables, chairs, and banners – to make the event uniquely yours. These items transform a regular outdoor event into a professionally curated gathering and amplify your brand visibility and provide a memorable backdrop for event photos.

Regarding functional necessities, branded drinkware such as water bottles or insulated tumblers are excellent ways to quench thirst while subtly promoting your brand. They serve as a useful keepsake that your employees can use long after the event.

As for apparel, providing employees with custom t-shirts or lightweight performance pullover jackets can foster a sense of unity and belonging, further strengthening your team’s identity. These items act as walking advertisements, spreading awareness about your brand.

Gifts are another thoughtful touch that can leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s a luxury item, a tech gadget, or something playful and fun, a well-chosen branded gift can show your appreciation for your team’s hard work and dedication, bolstering their morale and commitment.

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Promotional Items For Picnics

Outdoor Blankets

Company picnics are an excellent way to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among employees. They provide a casual, relaxed setting that encourages interaction and bonding outside the formal confines of the workplace. Plus, they offer an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

When planning a company picnic, consider the interests and preferences of your employees. This might involve conducting a survey to identify popular food options, recreational activities, and preferred locations. From a sunny beach picnic to a relaxed gathering in a local park or even a barbecue in your company’s backyard, the possibilities are endless.

Company picnics offer a great opportunity for employees to unwind, bond, and have fun outside the office. When planning a company picnic, it’s important to consider activities that will appeal to everyone. Classic picnic activities like games of horseshoes, frisbee, or volleyball can be a lot of fun, as can scavenger hunts or team-building exercises. If your company is located near a park or natural setting, consider organizing a nature walk or hike. Alternatively, you could hire a band or DJ to provide music and encourage dancing. Whatever activities you choose, make sure they’re inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

In terms of food, you might opt for a classic picnic with sandwiches, fruit, chips, and refreshments. Or, consider catering from a favorite local restaurant. You could even make it a potluck where everyone contributes a dish, offering an excellent opportunity for team members to showcase their culinary skills and cultural cuisines.

Moreover, consider providing branded merchandise such as picnic blankets, reusable water bottles, or even custom frisbees. Not only will these items enhance the picnic experience, but they also serve as a lasting reminder of a day of fun and camaraderie.

In essence, a company picnic is more than just a fun day out. It’s a chance to build stronger relationships, boost morale, and create lasting memories – all while enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors.

Picnic blankets

Picnic blankets make excellent promotional gifts for both customers and employees for a few key reasons.

Firstly, they are practical and versatile, serving multiple purposes beyond just picnics – they can be used for outdoor concerts, beach outings, camping trips, or even just for a cozy night in.

Secondly, a high-quality picnic blanket branded with your company’s logo is a durable item that will be used and appreciated for years, providing long-term exposure for your brand.

Finally, giving picnic blankets as gifts conveys a message that your company values leisure and quality time, associating your brand with positive experiences and reinforcing a favorable impression.


Coleman Cooler

Coolers make exceptional promotional gifts due to their inherent utility and versatility. Perfect for beach outings, picnics, camping, or even backyard barbecues, they are items that your customers and employees will find use for in various scenarios.

By branding coolers with your company logo, you ensure your brand is visible during these enjoyable moments, reinforcing positive associations. Moreover, coolers, particularly high-quality ones, tend to have a long lifespan, ensuring your brand stays in the mind of the recipient for years. For picnics, consider Cooler Totes that are convenient to carry and large enough to handle your beverage and food.

Thus, they not only serve as a functional gift but also as a continuous reminder of your brand and its commitment to enhancing lifestyle experiences.


Tervis Drinkware

Drinkware, including items like insulated tumblers and travel mugs, makes outstanding promotional gifts for several reasons.

Firstly, they are items of daily use, ensuring frequent visibility of your brand. Each time your customers or employees sip their morning coffee or stay hydrated during a workout, your brand is right there with them.

Secondly, with advances in insulation technology, high-quality drinkware can keep beverages at the desired temperature for hours, enhancing the user’s experience and creating positive associations with your brand.

Lastly, there is a wide variety of drinkware styles and designs to choose from, allowing you to select items that best represent your brand image – from sleek and modern tumblers for the trendy customer to rugged and durable travel mugs for the outdoor enthusiasts among your employees. A well-chosen, branded piece of drinkware not only serves as a functional item but also as a reflection of your brand’s character and values.

Gift Set for Customers and Employees – Let us create the perfect picnic package to show your appreciation to customers and employees.

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Promotional Ideas for Backyard

Insect Repellent Lantern
Insect Rellent Lantern

Ah, the backyard – a haven for relaxation, laughter, and, most of all, delicious food. Enhancing these cherished moments with promotional products and gifts can effectively showcase your brand as an integral part of these memorable experiences.

Picture a family huddled around a sleek, high-quality outdoor pizza grill bearing your logo, the enticing aroma of freshly-baked pizza wafting through the air. Equipped with a full pizza-making kit, complete with all necessary accessories stamped with your brand, they craft their perfect pie right in their backyard. These items not only create an exciting and enjoyable activity but also serve as a continuous reminder of your brand’s innovative and thoughtful approach.

Branded drinkware plays a crucial role in any outdoor gathering. Imagine your logo emblazoned on durable tumblers, coolers, and ice buckets, each maintaining the optimum temperature for beverages on hot summer afternoons. As your customers or employees sip their chilled drinks, your brand becomes an essential part of their relaxation and enjoyment.

Backyard games, like branded Ring Toss or Flying Saucer, bring an element of fun and friendly competition to these events. Your brand, at the forefront of these engaging activities, fosters joyful interactions and enduring memories.

Pest repellents, customized with your logo, provide a practical solution to one of summer’s few nuisances. These protect the comfort of your customers and employees while subtly enhancing your brand visibility.

As dusk falls, the soft glow from lanterns carrying your brand’s insignia creates a magical ambiance. Meanwhile, branded fire pits, crackling and warm, invite stories and shared experiences under the starry night sky.

Add to this a slice of fashion with outdoor-appropriate apparel: perhaps stylish, branded aprons for the budding pizzaiolos or comfy, sun-shielding hats. Such items become both a utility and a testament to your brand’s presence.

And the pièce de résistance? A high-quality outdoor pizza grill, complete with a pizza-making kit – a gift that’s sure to delight. This unique and thoughtful offering not only provides a fun and engaging activity but will also be a lasting, tangible reminder of your brand’s commitment to enhancing their leisure time.

By integrating your brand into these cherished backyard experiences, you’ll be creating positive associations and memories tied to your brand, making every backyard event an opportunity to boost brand visibility and appreciation.

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Promotional Ideas for The Great Outdoor Adventures

Camping Trips, Hiking, And Fishing Ideas

Osprey Backpack

Escape to the great outdoors with our curated assortment of camping, hiking, and fishing gear, all designed to enhance your adventures and carry your brand into the heart of nature.

Imagine your customers and employees enjoying a picturesque camping trip, their faces illuminated by the gentle glow of lanterns and flashlights bearing your brand’s emblem. As they sit comfortably on plush, portable camp chairs, they exchange stories and laughter around a warm meal prepared on a branded portable grill. Each sip from their insulated tumblers, adorned with your logo, brings the comforting taste of home into the wild, while branded coolers maintain their food and drinks at optimal temperatures.

Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the practicality of our durable backpacks, featuring multiple compartments for organization and adjustable straps for comfort. Each step on the trail will be a testament to your brand’s presence in their journey. Our functional and stylish apparel ideas, ranging from Under Armour t-shirts to Osprey Backpacks, will keep them well-equipped and fashionable as they explore the great outdoors.

For the anglers among your stakeholders, why not provide branded Swiss Army Explorer Pocket Knife pocket knives or nifty bottle openers? Such handy tools are a boon on any fishing trip and will serve as a constant reminder of your brand’s thoughtfulness.

Fuel the adventure with our assortment of delectable, nutritious snacks. Think of s’mores kits for that perfect campfire treat, health bars for a quick energy boost on the trail, and packets of nuts for a protein-rich snack on the fishing boat – all custom-packaged with your brand’s logo.

And what better way to conclude an exciting outdoor adventure than by snuggling under soft, branded blankets, watching the stars twinkle in the night sky?

Bring all these together in an outdoor gift set, and you’ve created not just a thoughtful gift, but an entire experience where your brand accompanies your customers and employees, becoming a cherished part of their outdoor escapades. So let’s step into nature together, with your brand leading the way!

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Promotional Ideas For the Beach

Adams Bucket Hat on Lady
Adams Buck Hat

Beach-themed promotional products are a fantastic way to make a splash with your brand this summer. Imagine your logo adorning plush beach towels, spread out under the sun, or on comfortable, high-quality beach chairs, providing a respite from the heat. Our “Fun in the Sun” kits, filled with essentials for a day at the shore, offer a convenient and appreciated gift.

Trendy bucket hats, sporting your brand, provide not only style but also crucial protection from the sun’s rays. Engaging beach games, branded with your logo, can turn a casual beach outing into a memorable event.

Finally, our durable coolers, emblazoned with your brand, are perfect for keeping drinks and snacks refreshingly cool, making your brand a key part of the enjoyment and relaxation that define summer beach days. These products offer a multitude of ways to have your brand bask in the summer sun along with your customers and employees.

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Promotional Idea for Golf

Golf Gift Set

Golf products are a great way to promote your business during the summer months. Whether you are looking to market to customers or employees, there are a variety of golf-related products and ideas that you can use to engage your audience.

For customers, consider offering branded golf balls or custom golf tees as a free gift with purchase. You could also host a golf tournament or clinic, inviting customers to participate and providing branded golf apparel as prizes.

For employees, consider hosting a company golf outing or offering golf lessons as a team-building activity. You could also give out custom golf bags or personalized golf club covers as a thank-you for their hard work. No matter which approach you choose, incorporating golf products into your summer promotions is sure to be a hit.

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Runners, Walkers, Bikers, And Pets

Poly-Clean 28 oz Bottle

When it comes to outdoor enthusiasts, whether they’re runners, walkers, bikers, or pet lovers, specially curated promotional products and gifts can make their activities more enjoyable and safe while subtly promoting your brand.

Consider the runner setting out for a morning jog or a long-distance run. Cooling towels and caps with your logo provide comfort and protection against heat. High-performance t-shirts, branded with your emblem, offer them the right blend of style and functionality. In addition, custom sunglasses bearing your brand’s insignia shield their eyes from the sun while adding a touch of sophistication.

Walking enthusiasts could greatly benefit from fitness watches decorated with your logo, helping them track their progress and stay motivated. Reflective lights or blinking lights, customized with your brand, enhance their visibility during early morning or late evening walks, offering safety along with brand visibility.

For the avid bikers among your stakeholders, consider custom-branded bandanas and gel packs. The gel packs can provide relief from muscle aches and pains after a long ride. A sturdy, stylish fanny pack with your logo would provide a convenient storage solution during their rides.

Pet lovers would certainly appreciate custom socks bearing a fun or quirky design that nods to their furry friends. Similarly, branded water bottles ensure that they, and their pets, stay hydrated during their outdoor adventures. Bandanas add an element of fun.

Let’s not forget custom dog leashes or pet bandanas that turn pets into cute brand ambassadors! Reflective ones add an element of safety during night-time walks.

These thoughtful promotional items not only enhance the experiences of your customers and employees but also serve as regular reminders of your brand. Each step taken, each mile cycled, and each moment spent with their pets become tied to your brand, enhancing visibility and creating lasting, positive associations. These functional, high-quality items also signal that your brand understands and cares about their lifestyles and interests, forging a deeper connection with them.

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Custom Summer Gift Sets

Custom Summer Gift Package

Need something special to show your customers and employees you appreciate them? We can help put together your own custom package with branded promotional products, enclosure cards, and mailers. We can even individually drop ship to your recipients. Contact Us for details.


Outdoor enthusiasts understand the importance of reliable, high-quality gear and products. Several retail brands have made a name for themselves in this arena, carving a niche with their innovative designs, superior performance, and long-lasting durability.

When your brand logo graces these items, it’s a gentle, consistent reminder of your brand’s commitment to quality and value. Each sip from that tumbler, each outing in that jacket, reinforces your brand’s image and deepens your connection with the recipient. Here are just a few of our brands available for your review.

Have a Brand in mind for your next promotion? Contact us for more brands that are available for Corporate Promotions.

Each of these brands, from Coleman to Yeti, has proven their commitment to enhancing the outdoor of high-quality products. They’ve earned the trust of outdoor lovers by consistently delivering on their promises of durability, performance, and design. By aligning with such brands, you not only provide your customers and employees with top-tier products but also share in their reputation for excellence.

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