Decorating on Apparel

Up Your Game With These Decorating Techniques

Laser Tech Patch, Reverse, Laser Applique, Sequin Embroidery, Vintage Soft Hand Screen Print, Digital, Laser Etch with Fine Detail are just some of the options available to show off your logo and design.

Think about the location of the decoration as well. You no longer are limited to the traditional decorating locations. Consider on the sleeve, back yoke, collar, cuff, tail, corner, inside, and overall as other options to make a statement with your logo or design. View the video below from one of our preferred suppliers.

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Keep it classic!

Embolden your design with award-winning embroidery.

Add Some Bling

Our sequin embroidery is a decoration technique that uses sequins in combination with traditional embroidery to create attractive logo designs. Perfect for ladies’ garments and creating a stand-out feminine look

High Impact Branding

With our laser bridge machine, we take appliqué embellishment one step further with reverse appliqué. To achieve this fashion look, we cut through the garment surface to reveal a layer of appliqué below.

Upscale, Tonal & Precise

Utilizing laser technology, we can etch on a variety of fabrics. The end result differs by the fabric but always brings a clean, price mark to any brand logo.


 Tech patches flex with the garment and can be designed in a variety of simple shapes. Logos will have a tonal mark on the patch. This embellishment technique brings an upscale branding option to our jackets and performance garments.